Privacy Policy

  1. Welcome to SocialLadder. We provide a service that gives you access to offers based on how influential you are on the Web, and to connect you with merchants or marketers who want to offer free or discounted products as well as services and invitations. Providing this service requires collecting and sharing information about you, while shielding sensitive personal information from risks of misuse.
  2. The below sets out our Privacy Policy:
  3. Information Collected. SocialLadder collects the following types of information:
    1. Your Social Network passwords are NOT collected or accessed by SocialLadder. Only your User Name, Contact Email and City as provided directly on the setup tab are collected as well as basic information provided by the social networks that you connect.
    2. Statistical information based on your usage of social media (such as number of connections, activity etc.) In many instances this information is processed locally in the application before being presented to our servers.
  4. Use made of this information. As a general rule, information provided by you will be used exclusively by us for the purposes of delivering the best possible service and user experience.
  5. Email messages. Most users do not want their email inbox filled with constant updates from service providers. Our email policy addresses this as follows:
    1. We will inform you of any major improvements to the service, no more frequently than about once a week to once a month.
    2. We will not pass on your email addresses to any third parties except to those third parties whose offers you directly request and those social networks that you already use. Additionally in these circumstances you will receive an email from the SocialLadder service.
    3. We will still respond to service requests initiated by you (e.g. for an issue request)
  6. Your information. If you wish to remove any information that we have about you please use the Delete Me option under the Settings section of the smartphone application.