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This app connects people like you, with exclusive experiences and rewards. Your score is comprised of your "influence" calculated from your social networks combined with the challenges that you complete.


  1. GET A SCORE: Connect your social networks and get a score, the more networks you connect, the higher you can make your score.
  2. COMPARE: See how you compare against your friends - and the rest of the community.
  3. EXPLORE REWARDS: The higher your score, the more exclusive the rewards you have access to.
  4. QUALIFY FOR REWARDS: The qualifying score on each reward is shown in the little box
    • See a reward you like? Act quickly when they unlock because quantities are limited.
    • Your rank will change based on how many other users are playing
    • Some rewards are linked to challenges. You have to complete the challenge and have a qualifying score to unlock the reward
    • Qualifying scores on rewards will change based on how many other users are playing
    • Your score tells you if you qualify to unlock a reward
    • Click “get it” and you will be issued a redemption code
    • Click “share it” and you can tell all of your friends to check it out too
    • Engage in challenges and increase your score
  7. CHALLENGES: Want to earn more points so you can qualify for really exclusive top tier rewards?
    • Check-In to a designated location
    • Instagram: Don’t forget to use the hashtag, that’s how we track the points
    • Add a Friend: The more friends you invite, the more points you can get
    • Quizzes & Questions: Get the right answer or lend an opinion
  8. BUZZ: Always be in the “know”. See new challenges, what your friends are doing and much more
  9. TELL YOUR FRIENDS: Don’t forget to share your experience with your friends.

Increase your Score

  1. Increasing your reach by adding connections
  2. Being socially active online by posting often
  3. Participating in Challenges

Track your Score

  1. Network Add: You added a new social network
  2. Conn Add: You added a connection on a social network; increasing your reach
  3. Conn Lost: You lost a connection on a social network; decreasing your reach
  4. Challenges: Your score increases with each challenge you complete!