Pricing Packages

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Build fan loyalty with an ambassador program for your venue. Can be used for employee incentive tracking & third party street teams.


Great tool for promoters who promote a combination of events, manage a street team year round, host at more than one venue and/or are using multiple ticketing providers.


Single ticketed events of any size looking to promote 6 weeks - 6 months in advance. Festivals, Attractions & club shows.

Brand Packages

Drive referrals, boost your brand's social media presence, create content and drive referrals.

Tour Packages

Events or artists performing at multiple venues across multiple locations.

Venue Packages

Semi-Annual (save 7%)
Annual (save 16%)

Venues over 2500 capacity please view "Multi-Event package" above.

Multi-Event Packages

Semi-Annual (save 7%)
Annual (save 16%)

Event Packages

Brand Packages

Semi-Annual (save 7%)
Annual (save 16%)

Tour Packages

Semi-Annual (save 7%)
Annual (save 16%)

Venue Package FAQ

Can I segment my users based on music preferences?

YES, SocialLadder gives you the ability to segment your users based off of various criteria like music preferences, geographic location and more.

Do I have to list shows that are sold out?

NO, but you can still use your ambassadors to promote the shows on social media & use tickets to sold out shows as rewards to keep ambassadors engaged for shows that need more ticket selling help.

Can I promote shows that aren’t ticketed?

YES. You can use your monthly challenges to promote weekly / non-ticket events. This will not count toward your listed event count.

Do I pay additional rips on tickets?

NO. With SocialLadder, you pay a low monthly fee and this includes ticket selling & promotion.

Am I required to offer a discount?

NO, but we recommend that you create a “perk” to make it easier for an ambassador to get their friends excited to buy a ticket

Multi-Event Package FAQ

Can I promote for multiple venues, festivals & events simultaneously?

YES. SocialLadder gives you the ability to have your promoters market & sell tickets to your events year round. They can even earn points for promoting one event and save their points for a reward at an event in the future.

Can I create “invite only” ambassador teams?

YES. SocialLadder allows you to make your ambassador team 100% private meaning an ambassador has to be approved by you before they join.

Can I remove ambassadors from my team?

YES. You will be able to track your team and can add / remove ambassadors from the program at any time.

How do ambassadors sell tickets?

Ambassadors can sell tickets using custom promo links (see here for details), vanity codes or single use codes.

Tour Package FAQ

How long does a tour package last?

Tours an be listed on SocialLadder for up to one calendar year.

What if there are different ticket providers?

SocialLadder can work with any venue’s ticket provider & for tours it is ok for your ambassadors to drive ticket sales to multiple venues.

I don’t want ambassadors in the wrong city to see content from other cities.

SocialLadder will only send tasks / release rewards for relevant ambassadors. This can be based on their geographic location.