FAQ For Consumers

What does it do for me?

SocialLadder connects people like you with exclusive offers - based on how influential you are! People that are active on social media and have a large number of connections are attractive customers for businesses. Folks like that are way more likely to tell their friends how much fun they had at a new bar or restaurant. When they do tell their friends, it has a way larger impact. SocialLadder lets businesses pitch offers to social media users like you! The higher your SocialLadder score, the better the offers!

I'm not that influential - is this still for me?

Yes! SocialLadder creates a sliding scale of influence. Just the fact that you're on the platform means that you understand the value of your voice - that makes you attractive to marketers and businesses. Typically, marketers are posting offers in "tiers", that means that even if you're not Lady GaGa, you can still get access to cool stuff!

Do I have to do anything to get the offers?

No. SocialLadder connects businesses with influencers - we're not trying to spread the word artificially. The businesses posting offers on SocialLadder are confident that you'll love their events, bar, clubs and products - they are willing to give incentives to people like you, because your SocialLadder score tells them that you're an active influencer. Active social media users are blogging, tweeting and telling their friends about stuff all the time!

What can I really get from this thing?

Depends on how influential you are - here are some examples of REAL offers that have been posted on the platform: Free bottle of Champagne at the hottest clubs in Chicago, exclusive access to sold out shows for major acts, VIP access to an open bar party on a yacht in Miami, comps to clubs in London, NYC, free drinks at clubs all over the world.

How is my score calculated?

You unique SocialLadder score is based on a variety of factors - the cool part is that you actually see the transactions that are affecting your score! Check the History tab in the app to see how changes in your social media presence are affecting your score

Where are all the offers?

SocialLadder shows you offers that you qualify for - and sometimes offers that are a little bit out of your reach! Increase your social network and score to get access to more exclusive offers. We're adding offers every day - if you're not seeing offers in your city, keep the app installed and keep notifications turned on - this way, you'll be sure to know when you qualify for something!

What cities is SocialLadder in?

SocialLadder is currently in several cities around the world - download the app and check the city list, we're adding cities all the time.

I don't have an iPhone - can I still join?

Yes, SocialLadder is available for both iOS and Android device. You can find the Android app in the Google Play store.

FAQ For Brands

What does it do for me?

If you meet someone on the street and find out that they have 50,000 Twitter followers, would you buy them a drink in your bar? SocialLadder connects you with influencers like that - it gives you the ability to get social influencers at your events and talking about your business. Instead of giving comps and discounts to everyone, SocialLadder let's you give the select few people that are at the center of their social circle the biggest incentives. Once influencers get your offer, SocialLadder let's you build a relationship with those influencers - letting you turn them into brand advocates. More than that, SocialLadder actually uses the iPhone notification system - telling users when an exclusive offer has come there way. Influencers rush to get your offers, before someone else snaps it up!

What does this cost?

Right now there's no cost, but SocialLadder is currently only available for Marketers and Promoters by invitation.

How do I get invited?

If you'd like to list offers on the platform, sign up, and contact us.

How do I submit offers?

Once you get an account you can submit and manage offers directly on the platform. SocialLadder gives you analytics to see who's clicking on your offers and how often.

How do users redeem offers?

Once a user sees an offer that they want, they'll click the "Get It" button in the app - the app sends them an email with a unique redemption code, including instructions from you on how they should redeem it. The same redemption code is sent to you, you can also log into this website at any time and download a spreadsheet of the redemption codes.

What cities is SocialLadder in?

SocialLadder is currently in several cities around the world - download the app and check the city list, we're adding cities all the time.

I don't have an iPhone - can I still post offers?

Yes, the iPhone app is just for the end users, you design and post offers using this website.

Once I post an offer, what do I do?

Posting an offer is just the starting point, to take advantage of SocialLadder, you'll want to tell your following about the amazing offers they could get access to - if they're cool enough! SocialLadder will take care of the rest, matching your most exclusive offers with the biggest influencers!